About us

Bonanza Capital Investment (BCI) is an INVESTMENT PLATFORM for investors to earn ROI to 5%, 7% and 10% annually from a transportation business where their investment capital is focused. As an investor your money will be working for you, doing so will build a solid foundation for your personal finances. All investments are secured and risk-free, our wealth creation opportunities are through a distinctive investment facility as the funds are focused on investments in Transportation.
We set out to make investing more efficient in our transportation growth circle where investors ROI can get a boost of 20% annually.
In BCI, you are not making choices on whims or guesses, and you can choose investments that don't carry a ton of risk which is transportation investments and you can always make adjustments on your investment(s).

What does it offer you

Investment Opportunities into Transportation

Aggressive returns of 20%.

Investments with minimal exposure to risk for your capital.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for long term wealth growth with aggressive returns
  • Transportation investment is fast growing with minimal risk
  • Your investment is available online for tracking
  • We have 2 ways payout options (In cash or transfer)
  • Benefits are paid monthly, quarterly and Annually.
  • You can redeem a part or all your investments at any time.

Our Structure

A diversified investment management company with a focus on providing investment solutions to individual, groups or company investors.
What makes us difference is your money will not be tied up. It will be available for emergency withdrawal on 3 days notice.